Meet 150 University on “Study Euro Asia World 2019 “in Bangladesh & Nepal .

Chief Editor Mr Omar Yasser Mallick of  Eastern News Agency (ENA)  in collaboration with Arona International is bringing 150 Universities from Euro Asia to promote international Universities in the context of Bangladesh and Nepal on April 26th ,2019 to April 28th 2019.
A signing Ceremony held today dated 23rd January with the Convenor of Arona International and the management of International Convention Hall , Boshundhora for accommodating venue in Bangladesh for the  Education Fair.
Mr Mallick Chief Editor Eastern News Agency ENA along with the Convenor Mr Wasiudidn Dewan , Legal Consultant Khodeja Shifa and Management authority of ICCB , Ms Nusrat Jahan exchange the agreement for bilateral co-operation.
According to Mr Mallick this  international Education Fair will bring educational harmony to the Saarc student placing them to the road to Europe for appropriate education systems and will open up new horizon in regards to culture heritage and information.
The convenor of Arona International Mr Wasiuddin Dewan thinks ”  Foreign Universities from new schengen countries will definitely boost innovative education system with moderate expenditure and Legal Consultant Ms Khodeja Shifa opined that Saarc Students will be able to study abroad and get technical knowhow and can return to homeland to execute the same growing the nation in the long term.