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Welcome to Arona International Student Loan Service in Association with Mpower Financing USA

Arona International is a multi-dimensional education consulting firm particularly dealing with student recruitment for Malaysia and beside 14 other destinations from Bangladesh.

Arona International recently signed an agreement with an American organization namely Mpower Financing which provides loans to international students as such Bangladesh is one of the countries as well.

The USA organization “Mpower Financing” rated as Top Loan provider by Nerdwallet, USNEWS & American banker as of today.

Interested Bangladeshi students seeking a loan to support your higher studies in the United States are advised to let us know if you have any Universities that have offered you admission in USA or CANADA? If yes ,kindly pass the offer letter copies to us.


If that matches our enlisted universities we can extend loan services. Apply here : APPLY Mpower Financing with Arona International
to check your eligibilities…

Who Should Apply :
Procedure For USA
1 Students wish to apply for Masters will be our priority to USA
2 For Masters we extend Full loan
3 Per Academic Year 25000 Usd
4 For 2 Year 50 ,000 usd
5 Loan Tenor 11.5 years
6 Fixed Interest Loan that we will discuss once eligibility is completed
7 For undergraduate we extend last 2 years 8th Semester Funding
8 For Ph.d same as stated above as undergraduate
For Canada
1 For Canada we extend 2nd year support for Masters only .But First Year Self-funding
10 For Undergraduate and Ph.D same applies like usa after 2 years support
Loan Tenor 11.5 years

Regarding Admission
In both countries you must have an average CgPa 2.80 admission. Scholarship depends on Universities trustee boards which will be given to students directly during admission offers after applications. For your information we have 315 universities in 50 states and in Canada 27 universities in 4 state as enlisted with our foreign counterpart can extend loan services and for admission as per the list we mentioned.
If not from English Medium, you must have English Proficiency Certificate If you meet the criteria please don’t hesitate to contact us



American University
Auburn University
Colorado State University
George Mason University
Hofstra University
Louisiana State University
Loyola University New Orleans
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
Oregon State University
Saint Louis University
Suffolk University
University of Arizona
University Of Central Florida
University of Dayton
University Of Illinois At Chicago
University of Kansas
University Of South Carolina
University of South Florida
University of The Pacific
University Of The Potomac
University Of Utah
Washington State University
Widener University
University of South Dakota
Hult School Of Business
University of Windsor
Universal Learning Institute


United States
United States
United States
United States
United States
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United States
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United States
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United States
United States
United States
United States
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American University – United States
Auburn University – United States
Colorado State University – United States
George Mason University – United States
Hofstra University – United States
Louisiana State University – United States
Loyola University New Orleans – United States
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy – United States
Oregon State University – United States
Saint Louis University – United States
Suffolk University – United States
University of Arizona – United States
University Of Central Florida – United States
University of Dayton – United States
University Of Illinois At Chicago – United States
University of Kansas – United States
University Of South Carolina – United States
University of South Florida – United States
University of The Pacific – United States
University Of The Potomac – United States
University Of Utah – United States
Washington State University – United States
Widener University – United States
University of South Dakota – United States
Hult School Of Business – United States
University of Windsor – Canada
Universal Learning Institute – Canada

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