Why Bangladeshi Students Prefers Studying in Malaysia?


Why Bangladeshi Students Prefers Studying in Malaysia?

According to the Stats regarding higher study in Malaysia in the 2017 Malaysia had more than 28000 Bangladesh students studying in various universities across the country which means one in four international students studying in Malaysians from Bangladesh. Thus Bangladesh students possess highest percentage in the Malaysian university vicinity.

1. Bangladesh and Malaysia communication wise is pretty close. A flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dhaka is about Four hours.

2. Time difference is two hours

3. Living Cost is BDT 18k -24k in Bangladesh currency – Economically moderate.

4. Malaysia is safe and there is no political instability and 10 percent of the Population is from other cities.

5. Religious wise the country is secular form

6. Most of the population speaks English so internationally both written and spoken form is easier for foreigners to carry daily living and lives.

7. Malaysia having 600 plus university are all QS rankings.


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