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Arona International stands as a pioneering force in the realm of international student recruitment, with a steadfast commitment to opening doors to educational opportunities around the world. Based in the vibrant and dynamic country of Bangladesh, Arona International has emerged as a trusted partner for students aspiring to pursue higher education in the United States and Canada.

Our journey is characterized by a passion for facilitating academic pursuits and fostering cross-cultural exchange. At Arona International, we understand the transformative power of education and believe in providing a bridge for students to access world-class institutions. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding students through the intricate process of applying to universities abroad, ensuring a seamless transition to academic success.

Exciting news marks a new chapter in our venture, as Arona International proudly announces its official partnership with MPOWER Financing, a world-leading student loan provider based in the United States. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize the educational landscape for students from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. MPOWER Financing brings its expertise as a global leader in providing innovative and accessible student loans, further enhancing our ability to empower students on their academic journey.

The partnership with MPOWER Financing aligns seamlessly with Arona International’s mission to eliminate financial barriers and make quality education accessible to all. We are dedicated to not only guiding students through the admission process but also facilitating the financial means to turn their dreams into reality. The collaboration with MPOWER Financing underscores our commitment to ensuring that no deserving student is left behind due to financial constraints.

As we embark on this exciting partnership, Arona International envisions a future where students from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can pursue their academic aspirations with confidence and support. We invite you to explore the boundless opportunities that lie ahead and join us in shaping a brighter future through education.

Who Should Apply to MPOWER FINANCING ?


  1. Students wish to apply for Masters will be our priority to USA
  2. For Masters we extend Full loan.
  3. Per Academic Year $50000
  4. For 2 Year $100,000 USD
  5. Loan Tenor 12 years
  6. Fixed Flat Interest Loan for 12 years period.

For Canada

1 For Canada we extend 2nd year support for Masters only .But First Year Self-funding


– MPOWER Financing

– 1101 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036

Regarding Admission

In both countries you must have an average CGPA 2.50 above admission.

Scholarship depends on Universities trustee boards which will be given to students directly during admission offers after applications. For your information we have 400 universities in 50 states and in Canada 50 universities in 4 state as enlisted with our foreign counterpart can extend loan services.

For General Queries please email to [email protected] and for Loan and admission inquiries please email to [email protected]