Who We Are

Worldwide Presence

Who We Are?

We are Arona International – A multi-dimensional educational consulting house based in Dhaka particularly to promote Bangladeshi students to place them to the road to global platform for better educational harmony.
Founding Team Expertise at Arona International

Arona International conceived 10 years back with a group of stake holders who are full- fledged qualified professionals of several of walks of diverse professions. The President & the CEO of the organization is a Senior Media professional with vast knowledge. The legal Consultant is a post graduate in Law and also studied Bar at Law from London University. The other management consultant and teams are all well qualified professionals with experience in the international educational industries globally.

Global Partnerships in Student Recruitment at Arona International

Arona International already dealing in Student Recruitment with World Ranking universities partnering with Foreign collaborators like Shorelight USA and WellSpring International for USA , Canada related admissions and also representing 40 universities in Malaysia & 84 universities in Spain partnering with foreign collaborators like Campus Spain .

Arona International: Supporting Bangladeshi Students Globally

Arona International aims to promote Bangladeshi students and also can assist for obtaining international student loans , processing and study tour guidelines. Arona International represents other part of the Euro Asian universities to Promote SAARC students at the global platforms as well, much to his credit. Besides Arona International deals seminars for International Universities inviting students from various colleges and Universities to make aware of the world universities, welfare, its polices , its offers and promotional matters.

Global Loan Partnerships for Bangladeshi Studentse

Concurrently, Arona International is working with Mpower Financing Corporation , USA and Prodigy Finance USA to extend international Loan facilities to Bangladeshi students and purposively working for the progression of Bangladesh student at the global platform which is the crying need of the hour of Bangladesh.

Worldwide Presence

Who We Are?

"Education transcends borders, connecting minds and shaping futures. As CEO of Arona International, I am committed to empowering students with opportunities for global education. Together, we pave the path to a brighter, more interconnected world."